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Local Information

Castle Donington is a bustling community of about 7,000 people, with modern housing surrounding the older heart of the village.

There is a range of shops, public houses, and hotels, which serve the local community.

Visitors are attracted by our modern claims to fame:

both of which are within 2 miles of the village.

…. Location

Castle Donington is situated in North West Leicestershire at the centre of England, with excellent communications by Motorway, Rail and Air. It is a pleasant blend of old and new, with a mix of modern shops and dignified Georgian and Regency houses. Several timber-framed houses dating from 17th century and earlier survive along the main road.

…. History

The castle was originally built in 1135 and sacked in 1215 by King John. Another castle was completed by 1260, probably of a motte and bailey construction. After various conflicts and changes of ownership most of the castle was demolished by the end of the 16th century. The stone was used to enlarge a local priory and for private houses in the village. A few houses on the site incorporate fragments of the original building.

…. Industry

Due to its situation a large number of businesses have located in a modern industrial area to the North West of Castle Donington.  Most recent of these is the new distribution centre for Marks & Spencer.

The Rotary Club of Castle Donington has been at the heart of our community since 1974.