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Would you be interested  in helping us?

You could become a member

This is for people who want to genuinely “belong” to something, so that they can develop friendships, which will last many years, whilst at the same time helping to “put something back” through involvement with Rotary projects.

Would your company be interested in helping the local community  through sponsorship?

To put on the events and create opportunities for our local community we need to raise money.  Could your company help.  Many companies have a Corporate Social Responsibility policy, and Rotary can help you to deliver your objectives.  For example, by becoming a sponsor of our Music Festival.

Corporate Membership of Rotary

We have a corporate membership scheme whereby we welcome a company to be more involved in Rotary by paying for several senior staff to be members.  Such members are like any other Rotary members with the only difference being that their membership is sponsored by an employer .

… Or maybe start by volunteering to help us with certain tasks.

Membership may not be what everybody is looking for, but you may like getting involved with activities and being a volunteer helper with initiatives such as our Santa Sleigh fundraising

For more details about how you can have fun and “put something back” please contact our Membership Coordinator, David Walton.  Please click here.

Rotary respects all professions equally - we welcome men and women of working age or people who wish to be active in retirement.